Molly Pitcher Mug

I’m so honored to have been selected to make this years round of Molly Pitcher Mugs for the MP Mug Club members! There were just enough extra mugs for the general public to whet everyone’s whistle, but people are still asking, “when are you making more?” I hear you! The people have spoken!

So, to make sure that you’re not going to miss out on the FINAL batch, you can pre-order them here (think Christmas, birthday, anniversary). Honestly though, there’s no bad time to celebrate local craft brew and clay!

When ordering, keep in mind you can choose the option to pick up in store!

Please allow up to three weeks after placing your order for production of your handmade, limited time only, MP Mugs. I promise, it will be worth the wait! Customization with “Mug Club Name” is reserved for the present 2019 Molly Pitcher Mug Club Members only. Your mug will have one of two different Molly Pitcher Logos. I can’t guarantee which logo you will receive if your mug is being shipped. If you’re picking the mug up in the studio, you’ll be able to hand select your mug(s)!

Orders for the Molly Pitcher Mugs will close on September 27.

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