My background in anthropology relates to culture and community and has inspired me as a ceramic artist.  I'm interested in the daily rituals we partake in and the objects that we associate with these actions.  

I believe the beauty of utilitarian ceramics lies in its ability to create community through social interactions while nourishing the body.  My work as a ceramic artist is inspired by the far North. I grew up surrounded by images and objects that depicted the rich histories and narratives of Northern Native Culture.  Learning about their history, culture, and community has been the foundation upon which my work has grown. My forms and patterns recall the shapes of baskets, hats, mukluk patterns, and ivory objects that sparked my childhood curiosities. The ceramic vessels I create not only contain the food and drink that nourish, but also contain the ideas of culture and community. 

Our daily lives are punctuated by situations that revolve around eating and drinking.  These social contexts allow for opportunities to share experiences and stories, and to create and strengthen relationships.  As a potter I create vessels that become integral parts of these communal events, whether it be  a formal gathering, sharing a meal with family, or having coffee with a friend.