Thesis Countdown 1!

I guess I can't call this a countdown anymore since the Interactive Exhibit has been hosted, a catered dinner at the Museum of the North--however, this is only one out of four big events for my MFA thesis!  Preparation for the dinner was intense--firing kilns until two days before (somehow this seems to happen to almost every potter before any event or exhibition) and coordinating with the caterer as well as the Museum.  

Fortunately for me, I was working with Fairbank's finest; LaVelle's Bistro, the amazing staff at the University of Alaska Museum of the North, and had it all documented with JR Ancheta's phenomenal photography.  The dinner went smoothly and according to all plans.  All the guests had a grand time with decadent food, superb company, all served on my  handmade ceramics.  

A place setting from the Interactive Exhibition at UAMN.  

The thesis continues as I prepare the UAF Art Department Gallery for the exhibition and press on with preparations for the public presentation and defense! 

The gallery opening of "Dining Out: An Artful Experience" will be Monday Nov. 10 from 4-6 in the University Gallery.  The public presentation of my thesis will be Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 4pm in the Murie Building Auditorium.  I hope to see you there!